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Portland punk legends Poison Idea re-issue The Fatal Erection Years

Poison Idea - Pick Your King EP Elvis versionThe newest in a series of reissues from Portland’s Poison Idea via Southern Lord has been confirmed. Following the reissue of Darby Crash Rides Again early this year, the next in line comes in the form of PI’s The Fatal Erection Years; featuring forty-five raw, filthy nasty tracks from one of the most indisputably influential American hardcore/punk bands of all time.

Poison Idea‘s official debut release was 1983’s short, lo-fi blast of punk/hardcore fury, the Pick Your King EP. The infamous jacket featured a “choice” of two kings, Jesus (front cover) and Elvis Presley (back cover). It was released on the bands own Fatal Erection label co-run with Malcom Conover. In 1984, the band released the Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes 12 (the cover, featuring guitarist Pig Champion‘s substantial vinyl collection). The record found the band incorporating subtle heavy rock elements into their music which was further honed on their contribution to the 1985 Drinking Is Great compilation 7″ with the track “Laughing Boy.” Both Record Collectors… and Drinking… were also self-released on Fatal Erection Records. By this time (84-85), POISON IDEA was in full swing and were perfecting their signature wall of sound: a raging punk attack.

Poison Idea - The Fatal Erection YearsIn cooperation with the band and TKO Records, Southern Lord is honored to release the CD version of The Fatal Erection Years. This compilation collects the Pick Your King 7”, Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes LP, and 4 compilation tracks from the era. Exclusive to this CD version, is the entire live set from the band at their best in Portland circa 1983. Live at the Met features 19 live, raw punk blasts and effectively brings this essential archival document to a raucous, destructive end. The audio has been remastered and restored by Jack Control (World Burns to Death, Severed Head of State), and the poster/booklet contains liner notes from Poison Idea vocalist Jerry A, and tons of photos, flyers and more from the band’s early days. A must have for the die-hard fans and any fan of true hardcore, punk rock!

The Fatal Erection Years will see North American release on August 14th, just two weeks before Poison Idea will storm the two-day The Power Of The Riff East in Brooklyn the same night as Agnostic Front, Pentagram, Negative Approach, Xibalba and more!

Southern Lord will continue to reissue seminal POISON IDEA releases over the coming months including War All The Time, Ian Mackaye, Feel The Darkness, We Must Burn and Last Will & Testament. Stay tuned.

Posion Idea - oldschool pic

The Fatal Erection Years Track Listing:

Pick Your King:

1. Think Twice

2. It’s An Action

3. This Thing Called Progress

4. In My Headache

5. Underage

6. Self Abuse

7. Cult Band

8. Last One

9. Pure Hate

10. Castration

11. (I Hate) Reggae

12. Give It Up

13. Think Fast

Record Collector Are Pretentious Assholes

14. A.A.

15. Legalize Freedom

16. Cold Comfort

17. Thorn In My Side

18. Rubber Husband

19. Rich Get Richer

20. Don’t Like It Here

21. Time To Go

Compilation Tracks:

22. Laughing Boy

23. Typical

24. Die On Your Knees

25. I Got A Right

Live At The Met, Portland 1983

26. Dance Of Rage Live 83

27. This Thing Called Progress Live 83

28. In My Headache Live 83

29. Self Abuse Live 83

30. Slam Dance Jam Live 83

31. It’s An Action Live 83

32. Think Fast Live 83

33. Think Twice Live 83

34. Come Out Fighting Live 83

35. Castration Live 83

36. M.I.A. Live 83

37. Pure Hate Live 83

38. My Hard-On Withers In Your Face Live 83

39. Underage Live 83

40. Give It Up Live 83

41. Bounce The Rubble Live 83

42. All Right Live 83

43. Louie Louie Live 83

44. (I Hate) Reggae Live 83

45. Marked For Life Live 83

Poison Idea – Marked for Life (live – 1983)

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