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Punch announces European Tour With Negative Approach

Negative Approach with Punch European TourPunch is touring Europe this fall with the legendary Negative Approach – check out the dates below!

And if you missed it, Punch drummer Val Saucedo, gave us the early heads up on the tour in our Exclusive Video Interview as Punch and Living Eyes recently passed through Philadelphia.

The most recent EP from Bay Area, CA’s Punch showcases influences as varied as the 5 members’ musical backgrounds, spending time in bands as diverse as Doppelganger, Loma Prieta, and Bullets In. As with their previous releases Nothing Lasts straddles a variety of hardcore sub-genres. From thrash to d-beat to straight up youth crew Punch recombines all of these genres to create something all their own without ever being forced or cheesy (they’re vegan, duh). “Nothing Lasts” is a slightly more introspective release for the band which lyrically and musically explores active nihilism – the idea that it is better to actively break down your walls and change yourself rather than to sit around and wait for the world to spoon feed you. Make each moment count because no matter good or bad, nothing lasts.

10/05: Berlin, Germany @ Lido w/ Negative Approach
10/06: Leipzig, Germany @ Conne Island w/ Negative Approach
10/07: Warsaw, Poland @ Punkt & Radio Luxembourg w/ Negative Approach
10/08: Wein, Austria @ Arena w/ Negative Approach
10/09: Munchen, Germany @ Feierwerk w/ Negative Approach
10/10: Milano, Italy @ Lo-Fi w/ Negative Approach
10/11: Nurnberg, Germany @ Zentralcafé im K4 w/ Negative Approach
10/12: Saarbrucken, Germany @ Kleiner Club Garage w/ Negative Approach
10/13: Bochum, Germany @ Matrix w/ Negative Approach
10/14: Harlem, Netherlands @ Patronaat w/ Negative Approach
10/15: London, UK @ Underworld w/ Negative Approach
10/16: Manchester, UK @ Star And Garter w/ Negative Approach
10/17: Glasgow, Scotland @ Ivory Blacks w/ Negative Approach
10/18: Brighton, UK @ Stick Mike’s Frog Bar w/ Negative Approach
10/19: Paris, France @ La Mécanique Ondulatoire w/ Negative Approach
10/20: Aarshot, Belgium @ De Klinker w/ Negative Approach
10/21: Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang w/ Negative Approach

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