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Punk Island 2010 NYC – First Set of Bands Announced!

punk island 2010

Punk Island – One of the largest DIY Punk Fests on the planet has announced their initial line-up for 2010!!!

We at BlowtheScene.com will be following Punk Island this year! Stay tuned for all of the breaking news and interviews and news pieces on the organizers and some of the best acts participating this year!

More info at Punk Island Myspace

Punk Island 2010 Band List (More TBA!!!)

All Rise NC
All Torn Up! NY
Angry & Broke Baltimore
Angry Youth VA
Bad Luck 13 PA
Betty Sue Aside Baltimore
Blanks 77 NJ
Bloody Muffs NY
Bucket Flush PA
Buerger Wuerger Germany
Burning Heads France
Captain Ronzo & The Thirsty Pirates NY
Copyright Chaos CT
Cutthroat Society MASS
Dead Aces NY
Factor X NJ
First Strike NY
Fools on Sunday NY
Live Not On Evil PA
Mary Magdalan CA
Mean Streets PA
Mung Choke VA
Murder Majesty Las Vegas
Nancy and 2 Meteors VA
Nothing But Enemies/SCFC MASS
No Abuse NJ
Olde York NY
Pissant VA
Point Blank VA
Psycho MASS
Razors In The Night MASS
Seizure Crypt NY
Sewage NY
Team Spider NY
The Choices NJ
The Dwarves CA
The Pogo VA
The Rayguns NJ
The Revilers MASS
The Snails PA
To Be Hated FL
Tough Luck CT
Wombat in Combat NY
Y69 VT
Negative Approach MI
Simplistic Genocide CTAlternative Tentacles Stage (ran by Jesse T):
Star Fucking Hipsters NY
Disaster Strikes MASS
Rentokill Austria
Ashers MASS
Common Enemy PA
*more bands to come

Thrash/Black Metal Stage (Ran by Brian Mikus)
NunSlaughter Ohio
Midnight Ohio
Infernal Stronghold PA
Battle Master VA
Hessian PA
*more bands to come

Rotten Apple Stage (ran by Ellis First):
No Redeeming Social Value NY
Hub City Stompers NJ
Oxblood NY
Feet First NY
*more bands to come

Antisocial Promotions (ran by Rob Social):
Violent Society PA
Percocettes (Percs) PA
Combat Crisis PA
The Unpatriotics PA
The Underclassed PA
Refuse Resist MASS

CT Stage
Furiousity MASS
Drawback CT
Long Drop CT
Theatre Zombies CT
Bust It! CT
The Havnotz CT
The Clefts CT
Stress Bomb CT

Team ShredHer Stage:
crazy Bike Punk demos

Foo’s Stage
Dude Man Bro IL
She Likes Todd IL
Code Orange Kids PA
The Edukators PA
Wifebeater PA
Antispetic OH

Seizure Crypt NY
Straphangers NY
Caught in a Trap NY
Olde York NY
Bloodbeat NY
Endangered Feces NY
Trauma Team 666 NY
Yo! Scunt NY
Dealin’ With It NY
Iconicide NY

B O S T O N stage:
Razors In The Night MASS
The Have Nots MASS
Nothing But Enemies/SCFC MASS
Burning Streets MASS
Revilers MASS
Cutthroat Society MASS

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