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Q & A Spotlight with Chicago noise rockers Big’n

Big'n - group band photoFor our latest Spotlight Q & A we have caught up Chicago noise rockers Big’n, as the band has just dropped a new E.P., Spare The Horses, on the AfricanTape label. Big’n and AfricanTape were kind enough to supply us with a streaming edition of the new album for your listening pleasure. If you dig it, stop on by their bandcamp or Africantape and buy a copy. Enjoy!

Joshua BTS: Tell us- What is Big’n and who are the key players?

William: Big’n is just your average rock band.

Brian- drums
Todd- guitar
William- vocals
Michael- bass

Joshua BTS: Big’n just released your first studio-recorded effort in over a decade, in the form of a new 4-song E.P entitled Spare The Horses. Give us the skinny. Where and when did you record? Any unique or rare pieces of equipment you guys are implementing with your sound?

William: The band recorded with Greg Norman last winter at Electrical Audio in studio A. About a week later, I flew to Chicago and recorded the vocals at Greg’s basement studio. We have nothing but kind words for Greg. Recording was pretty much straightforward. If we had any secret recording tricks I wouldn’t tell you.

Joshua BTS: With such a long span in between studio works, was it difficult establishing a solid chemistry to record Spare the Horses?

William: Well, we’ve played out sporadically the past ten years. The chemistry is still there. I think it will always be there. I mean that’s part of the reason why the four of us are in a band together.

Joshua BTS: These are some interesting songs. Tell us about them. What does your writing process look like?

William: Our writing process has changed a little since I don’t live in the Chicago area anymore. The band got together to practice and work out song ideas. They would email me songs and bits and pieces. I’d send them feedback or a suggestion once in a while but mostly left it to them.

After they recorded at Electrical, they sent me a rough mix. A week later I showed up with the lyrics and vocal styles I had in mind and recorded my vocals at Greg’s.

Joshua BTS: What are some of the lyrical focuses on the new record?

William: “Assholes & Elbows” is about the loss of a family member and the turmoil it can cause. “Long Pig” is about cannibalism, but on a more sexual, darker level; weakness of the flesh and soul as far as lust and desire are concerned. “Like a Killer” is about deceitful heartlessness. “Seaworthy” is about a woman. It’s about desire and loneliness.

Joshua BTS: Where can fans expect to see you playing in the coming months?

William: I wont say never, but most likely you won’t. Mike is unwilling to do anymore shows. Our last show was in Lyon, France at the AfricanTape Festival, where Mike was forced to smash his bass for penance.

Joshua BTS: Where is the best place for fans to keep up with your current and future endeavors?

William Big’n: Facebook or AfricanTape. It’s the best label we have dealt with in the past 20 years. If we do decide to ever do anything again, it will most likely be through AfricanTape.

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