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Sleep to release special 4/20 Edition of Dopesmoker on Southern Lord


Southern Lord will be releasing a special edition of Sleep‘s classic Dopesmoker album for 4/20 in limited cassette and LP format. SL issued the following statement regarding this latest pressing:

It has now been nearly 1 year since we were bestowed with the honor of releasing Sleeps’ classic album: Dopesmoker. After the smoke cleared we were completely blown away by the insane response/reaction to this album. It has given us all (band included) a great sense of pride that so many of you loved the album and your support has been GREATLY appreciated. The demand for this album has been overwhelming and because of that we have repressed the vinyl again just in time for the one year anniversary (4/20/2013). We have also committed the album to cassette!

For the uninitiated (IE: not stoned from the album!) here is some info on this album:

The Southern Lord version of Sleeps’ Dopesmoker features brand new artwork by long time Sleep artist, Arik Roper, who created something specifically special for the albums’ rebirth. The biggest difference between this new version and the old releases is the phenomenal remastering job by Brad Boatright. His vision was to enhance the original recording without changing it drastically. What he has done makes this epic opus sound invigorated, more powerful with renewed clarity and all-around unbelievably mammoth. His work was enthusiastically approved by the band and considering how focused, vigilant and protective of their masterpiece the band is, that is nothing short of a miracle!

We have painstakingly worked very closely with the band to make sure that this reissue was done right. It would have been completely unacceptable to cut corners or do anything that would not give this album the full respect it rightfully deserves. It meant everything to us that the band was 100% satisfied with the result of all the hard work and in fact has dubbed this THEE ULTIMATE VERSION of the album. Al Cisneros old me personally that hes’ now comfortable with listening to the recording again for the first time in many, many years.

Get your pre-order on HERE.


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