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Spotlight Q & A with Cincinnati’s experimental metallic punk band Mala In Se

Mala In Se Self-Titled Album

Spotlight Band: Mala In Se
Locality: Cincinnati, OH
Current Release: Self-Titled on Phratry Records
FFO: Lightning Bolt, High on Fire

Blow The Scene Spotlight Band Q & As re-launch this week! Straightforward feature that gives readers a quick skinny on up-and-coming bands from around the world in their own words. Bands featured in our Spotlight section are those that have contacted us and we decided to pass on to you lovely readers, or were perhaps refereed to us, or even bands we hand select. Today we feature Cincinnati’s experimental metallic rockers Mala In Se. If you dig the high-energy experimental sounds of Lighting Bolt or the multi-genre approaches of bands like High on Fire, give these guys a spin.

Joshua BTS: Tell us, What is Mala In Se and who are the key players?

Andy Perkins: Mala In Se (wrongs in themselves; acts morally wrong; offenses against conscience) is a three piece experimental metal, noise, post-punk band from Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky. We get called a lot of different things. You be the judge. Danny McPherson-drums, Joseph Thompson-guitar, vocals, percussion. samples and, myself, Andy Perkins-guitar, bass, vocals, samples.

mala in se liveJoshua BTS: Mala In Se just released a new full-length. Give us the skinny. Where and when did you record? Any unique or particularly special pieces of equipment you guys are implementing with your sound?

Andy Perkins: The new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Joe and I in our personal studio, for better of for worse! We started this in late 2009 and of course when you record yourself, it takes way too long. Basic tracks were done in a few weeks and the remainder of the year was overdubbing and mixing. We wanted a balance of a very raw, aggressive sound mixed with our layered, indie, atmospheric side. We try to reproduce these layers with samplers, handheld cassette players, and auxiliary percussion. Oh, and a ton of guitar pedals. We’re very busy onstage! Secret weapons are our alternate tuning and Andy’s 1964 Danelectro double neck guitar/bass. It has a very unique tone and just roars through the speakers.

Joshua BTS: These are some interesting songs. Tell us about them. What does your writing process look like?

Andy Perkins: We have a lot of influences. Hopefully they’re not too apparent. We really set out to define our own sound, although it happens pretty organically without too much thought. We work hard on keeping things fresh for ourselves and the listener. The writing process is varied. We’re in the middle of another batch of new songs. Sometimes ideas have been floating around for months or even years, just waiting for the puzzle pieces to fit. Other times songs are born out of improvisations and we’ll try to get back to that essence of the first time you play something. We record a lot of these moments and try to extract what we think works. So we have a left brain, right brain, no brain approach I’d say.

Joshua BTS: What are some of the lyrical focuses on the new record?

Andy Perkins: Lyrics are all over the map. We try to stay open as a band and not focus on one aspect of life. Joe and I both write lyrics so songs can be very different. Joe tends to write more objectively from a third person point of view and I write from a more internal, first person style. That being said there are no rules. On this particular album we cover topics such as the great (and current) depression, apocalyptic environmentalism, animal testing / cruelty, black market organ trading, serial killer thought processes, and boredom induced self-realization.

Joshua BTS: Where can fans expect to see you playing in the coming months?

Andy Perkins: You can see us regionally around the Cincinnati, OH area and on tour this summer around the midwest and east coast. People, let us know if you want us to play your town!

Joshua BTS: Where is the best place for fans to keep up with your current and future endeavors?

Andy Perkins: Go to www.malainse.com for all things Mala In Se. You can link up to our Facebook, Bandcamp, myspace, Reverbnation, all that good stuff from there. Also check out our label www.phratryrecords.com for more info.

Thanks for talking with us!

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