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The Melvins’ Spaceland Residency This January

Melvins to Play Houdini LP at Spaceland This January

The Melvins are set to perform each Friday throughout January at Spaceland (Silver Lake, Calif.) with a different set and featured albums including the band’s current line-up, a 1983 incarnation with Mike Dillard and several albums in their entirety.

The band’s most recent release, The Bride Screamed Murder, was released by Ipecac Recordings in June. A limited edition vinyl version of the album will be on sale at the shows with each handcrafted album featuring detachable artwork from one of ten different artists.

If you missed it, Blow The Scene Senior Staff Writer Adam Rauf caught up with the Melvins in Washington DC as part of Isis‘s final tour for an exclusive interview.

Performance information is as follows:

Jan. 7: Melvins set (current line-up performing songs from Colossus of Destiny); Lysol and Eggnog records in their entirety

Jan. 14: Melvins 1983 (Buzz, Dale and Mike Dillard); Melvins set (current line-up performing normal set) and Houdini in its entirety

Jan. 21: Melvins Lite (Buzz & Dale only); Melvins set (current line-up performing normal set) and Bullhead in its entirety

Jan. 28: Melvins set (current line-up performing normal set) and Stoner Witch in its entirety

For ticket information, please visit ClubSpaceland.com or call (323) 661-4380.

In February. the Melvins head to Australia (Soundwave Festival) and New Zealand. The band visits Japan and Mexico in March.

More Info at Ipecac Recordings and Melvins Official Website

Director Mark Brooks created a stop motion masterpiece that effectively juxtaposes the Melvins‘ guitar thrash with disturbingly cute dolls as part of the Scion A/V Music Video Series.


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