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Tragedy Full-Length Darker Days Ahead Available at No Idea Records

Tragedy - band live in Philly 2012The ever-elusive, d-beat punk mainstays, Tragedy, are currently offering their new Darker Days Ahead full-length through the No Idea Records mail-order in CD format only.

Darker Days Ahead dropped earlier this year and was available in LP format exclusively from the band during their Spring US Tour of 2012.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with Tragedy as they stormed through Philadelphia’s Level Room with Woe and Plague Dogs in May. Be sure to scope our exclusive photo gallery and review of the show if you missed it.

The album is not what I was expecting, but since the band’s performance in May, Darker Days Ahead has grown on me and become one of top picks of 2012. Darker Days Ahead is a much slower droning composition of apocalyptic-metal than anything in Tragedy‘s super-charged d-beat catalog, but should not be too much of stretch for open-minded fans.

Top photo by Blow The Scene, Senior Staff Photographer, Dante Torrieri.

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