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With Knives (mems of ETID, Fall Out Boy, The Damned Things) Premiere Debut EP Schadenfreude

With Knives - SchadenfreudeWith Knives started as a passion project of Josh Newton, formerly of Every Time I Die, Shiner, Season To Risk, The Damned Things, amongst the myriad of bands he’s played in throughout his career. With the hopes of maybe one day being able to do a band that represents himself the way he sees it, he continued to pine away secretly on this project, awaiting who knows what.

A few years later enter Joe Trohman, formerly of Fall Out Boy and The Damned Things. Josh and Joe became quick friends upon embarking on a year and a half’s worth of The Damned Things shows. A like minded bond grew between the two, and Josh asked Joe to join the “band”, which wasn’t a band, it was just two weird guys with laptops and anxiety disorders.

Now being partners in crime, they began working secretly on With Knives, realizing more and more that this was going to be a real band, not just some flight of fancy. And for the first time since the incarnation, Josh found someone he felt comfortable sharing creative control with. It was a true 50/50 working relationship where they sat down and tried to write dirty, spaced out rock music with no pandering whatsoever.

Fast forward somewhere between six months and two million years, the two man band set out to Kansas City to record a “half a record” with Paul Malinowski from Shiner manning production duties and Rob Smith from Riddle of Steel/Traindodge taking over the in-studio drum duties. Again, everyone was on the same page: make it strange, do what feels right and see what comes out. And thus was made Schadenfreude, 6 songs, which will be self released for free on their label, Son Of Man Records.

And now you have it, With Knives. Rock music on a bunch of downers that by mistake drank the water with acid dissolved in it. Oops!

With Knives will be covering their home base of NYC/the East coast playing local shows and eventually embark on some tours.

With Knives is:
Josh Newton-bass
Joe Trohman-vocals, guitar
Rob Smith-drums

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Schadenfreude Track List:
1. Dig A Hole
2. Pretentious Child
3. Between Our Veins
4. Mr. Groper
5. You Can Stand Losing Me
6. Black Box Remedy

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