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Youth Forgotten (ex Integrity, Dead Even, Salt The Wound) prepare to unleash debut full-length in January


Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, with a wide base of roots feeding deep into their city’s underbelly, the members of Youth Forgotten culminate in this new outfit with a unified sense of keeping the movement alive with the utmost urgency.

While overall retaining dark hardcore/metal outfit tactics to spread their message, an influx of thrash metal dynamics and street punk energy coalesce in fueling the anthems Youth Forgotten deploys. Genre boundaries and inner-scene platforms are eradicated as this quintet relentlessly dispatches song after song of energized, enraged fury, while lyrically the outfit speaks from an equally grounded, forward-thinking mentality. The lineup consists of vocalist J.C. Koszewski (Dead Even), lead guitarist Matt Brewer (ex-Integrity), drummer Rob Walters (Salt The Wound), guitarist Aaron Salo (Above This Fire) and bassist Jim LaMarca (Chimaira).

Having coalesced their collective strengths into the powerhouse dubbed Youth Forgotten, the band recorded their debut record, Ghost Of A Fallen Empire, at RobArnoldWorld with Rob Arnold of Chimaira, marking his debut as a producer. Destroying and decimating, while aiming to aggravate and invigorate, they burn through nearly forty-five minutes of material surging with the vitality the often overlooked energy the Cleveland landscape has provided over the past few decades, concentrated into the album’s ten tracks.


Youth Forgotten will independently release Ghost Of A Fallen Empire digitally on January 31st, 2014, with physical product to follow shortly behind; final details will be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, the band has posted tracks “Nobody Cares,” “The Passion” and “Take Control” boasting the diversity and damagability of the album; tune in at Youth Forgotten‘s Soundcloud.

Having shared the stage with a plethora of regional bands as well as international acts including Hatebreed, Shadows Fall, Battlecross, Ringworm, 3 Inches of Blood, Revocation, The Acacia Strain and countless more over the years, Youth Forgotten will take their new anthems to the public live touring in support of Ghost Of A Fallen Empire in the coming months. Stay tuned for new live actions to be announced.

Ghost Of A Fallen Empire Track Listing

1. Anthem
2. Revolution For Nothing
3. Take Control
4. The Passion
5. Moral Soul
6. Unite The City
7. Proposed Existence
8. Nobody Cares
9. Eyes On The Prize
10. End Times

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