Black Breath – Sentenced to Life Review

Black Breath - Sentenced to Life

Band: Black Breath
Album: Sentenced To Life

Label: Southern Lord
Home Base: Seattle, WA
Genre: Black Metal, Rock n’ Roll, Swedish Death Metal
Release Date: March 27, 2012
Standout Tracks: Feast of The Damned, Forced into Possession, Sentenced to Life, Of Flesh
FFO: Entombed, Slayer, Nails, Trap Them

Black Breath have a formula for one of the most pummeling musical executions found anywhere in the vast corpus of metal and with their second full-length LP on Southern Lord, Sentenced to Life, the band has yet again upped the ante. Combining elements of Swedish death metal with modern hardcore and heavy rock n’ roll, Black Breath are forging a new chapter in American metal.

For the recording of Sentenced to Life, the band once again returned to renowned engineer Kurt Ballou at his God City Studios. Spending less time tinkering with all of Ballou’s awesome gadgets than their previous sessions, the band rolled into the studio with a agenda to capture a progression in their continuing musical onslaught and they pulled this off admirably. Black Breath then turned to Alan Douches at West West Side to lay forth the mastering and final touches for the album.

Sentenced to Life is ten tracks of blistering and unforgiving intensity. The guitars run a wide gambit of executions and styles, one moment blasting forward with a speedy black metal riff only to open open up in to some meaty, low-end-induced Swedish death metal, all while taking full advantage of Ballou’s ability to capture a gargantuan guitar sound with vicious low-end distortion. The vocal attacks on this album are raw and irate but executed with an annunciation that is both clear and powerful. The groove section is sealed off with bass work thicker than sea shit and drum foundation that is more than adequate with ample fills, double bass, and even d-beats sprinkled in.

It is clear Black Breath have done their homework, pulling from arenas of European black metal and Swedish death metal. What separates this band from the rest of the pack is their ability to take these elements and forge ahead, presenting the music world with a new exciting take on these musical frameworks. We already have another contender for top album of 2012.

Don’t miss our in-depth interview with Black Breath coming early next week!

Sentenced To Life Track Listing:
1. Feast of the Damned
2. Sentenced to Life
3. Forced Into Possession
4. Home of the Grave
5. Endless Corpse
6. Mother Abyss
7. Of Flesh
8. Doomed
9.The Flame
10. Obey

Black Breath – “Mother Abyss”

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