Death Metal Tuesdays: Goat Disciple

goat disciple

It is wonderfully fitting that such a blasphemous sound and moniker would emerge from Salt Lake City, Utah.  Goat Disciple recently released 2 vicious tracks in March of this year and features members of 2 other Salt Lake City bands Deathblow (thrash) and Disannulleth (blackened death).  According to the band they have been honing their sinister craft for a few years now while writing these matured slabs of decaying flesh.

This is some darkly melodic and evil sounding material.  There is a refreshingly natural production approach and some extremely low vocals that never become derivative or boring.  I am eager to hear more from these destroyers as they are putting the finishing touches on more tracks.  Many thanks to long-time friend and amazing Philadelphia artist Drew Elliott for the always vital recommendation!

Words by Paul Herzog

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