Hot Guts: Local Spotlight

Hot Guts Album Cover

Oh, Hot Guts, I love you. Every song on your first seven-inch is completely different and each track is totally awesome. You have the weird fuzzy ballad, the freak out and then the almost psych song. Each song is heartfelt and strange.

How can you define a band like this?

This sounds like smoking pot alone in your room, lying on your back. Maybe?

Can you say that a band sounds like that? Am I projecting? I digress, but how cool is that album cover? A valentine chocolate box filled with prescription drugs? The way to a man’s heart is his stomach and the way to a modern gal’s heart is…

Check out Hot Guts at their Official Mysapce. You will fall in love too and then you will buy the seven-inch at Badmaster Records.

And while we are talking about a local spotlight, Badmaster Records is my favorite Philadelphia based record label and if you go to their website right now, you can download a whole comp of Philadelphia based bands called “Dia-adelphia” for free. Do it.

One of the tracks is the aforementioned weird fuzzy “Ballad of John Simon” by Hot Guts.

Words by Jane Chardiet

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