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Kicking off the first New Music Now weekly column on Blow The Scene! Today we have an eclectic rundown of new releases by Assembly Of Light Choir, Masakari, Grin and Bear It, The Chariot, Circa Survive, Minus The Bear, and Murder Construct, with loads of free music samples and links for purchase and further investigation!

assembly of light self titled

Band: Assembly of Light Choir
Album: S/t
Record Label: At A Loss Recordings
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Genres: choir, doom, doom choir
FFO: forward thinking music, music “outside of the box”

Assembly of Light Choir release self-titled LP on At A Loss Recordings.

“The Assemble of Light choir is a secular, all female choir that includes almost twenty members. The choir recorded their self titled debut in Providence, Rhode Island with members of The Body, Braveyoung and Daughters. Those contributors should spark interest in you enough but trust me that choir itself is the most awe inspiring inclusion on this record.” –

“When you put on this record and you start feeling that you are floating in space, don’t fight the feeling, just roll with it. All six songs will teleport your whole being into another reality as you fly away on some very ethereal voices. There has not been an album created like this in many years, because something about this will appeal to heavy music weirdos & spaced-out weirdos just as much.” – (full album stream available)

masakari grin and bear it split

Band: Masakari / Grin and Bear It Split 5″
Album: Split 5″
Record Label: Halo Of Flies, Root of Evil Collective, Allergic To Fun
Release Date: Out Now
Genres: powerviolence, grind, metal, hardcore, punk
FFO: Despise You, Heartless, Weekend Nachos, His Hero Is Gone

Cleveland OH’s Masakari and Grin and Bear It have teamed up to release a Split 5″ record via Halo Of Flies, The Root of Evil Collective, Allergic To Fun Records.

Two of our favorite bands unleash a ripper of Split 5″ that is sold out everywhere with exception of a few copies at Root Of Evil. If punishing hardcore punk with suffocating riffs that dip into powerviolence, grind, and d-beat territories are your thing, this will be a favorite of 2012.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Grin and Bear It – RATS” dl=”0″]

the chariot One Wing

Band: The Chariot
Album: One Wing
Record Label: Good Fight Music
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Genres: metal, hardcore, noise, experimental, rock
FFO: Norma Jean, A Rose By Any Other Name

The Chariot release their 5th studio album today entitled, One Wing, on Good Fight. The band’s continues its experimental approach to a metal and hardcore fusion that remains undefinable and ever-evolving.

“We just write and whatever comes, comes,” says singer Scott Scogin in a recent interview with “I’d like to think that as we grow as musicians, and grow in our tastes in music, and as our minds are opened more and more, that every record will be a bit more extraordinary than the last.”

Speak – The Chariot


Band: Circa Survive
Album: Violent Waves
Record Label: Independent Release
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Genres: emo, alternative, rock,
FFO: Coheed and Cambria, Mars Volta, Saosin, This Day Forward

Circa Survive release their fourth studio album, Violent Waves, independently, stating “Over the years we have been on both indie and major record labels. We are thankful for the opportunities we’ve had with them but it’s 2012 and we want to try something we’ve never done before. We produced this record ourselves. This is raw Circa Juice straight from us to you. We also paid for it with our own money..”

..”from the quality of the production and the music, one could barely tell that Violent Waves is an indie project. While it would be a stretch to say there are any real surprises or groundbreaking shifts in musical style for this five-piece band, this is still Circa Survive at its best. The combination of powerful guitar riffs, atmospheric layering, poignant lyricism and Anthony Green’s unmistakable emotional vocals make this 11-track album a force to be reckoned with.” –


Band: Minus The Bear
Album: Infinity Overhead
Record Label: Dangerbird Records
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Genres: alternative, indie rock, pop
FFO: Sharks Keep Moving, Kill Sadie

Minus the Bear release their fifth studio album, Infinity Overhead, on Dangerbird Records. The album was produced by former keyboardist, Matt Bayles and will also be released in the UK by Big Scary Monsters in September.

“Despite their overcast, rainy home base, the music of Seattle, Wash.’s Minus the Bear is tailor-made for summer. It’s a bit of a shame that Infinity Overhead, the group’s fifth long-player, is being released at the tail end of August, as the bulk of it feels like the soundtrack to a hot June night. At this point in their career, Minus the Bear are reliable professionals, and Infinity Overhead doesn’t offer much in the way of surprises, but it manages to capture the essence of the several musical routes they’ve taken in the past, combining them into a well-rounded, if not absolutely essential listening experience. ” –

Minus the Bear “Infinity Overhead” Studio Video


Band: Murder Construct
Album: Results
Record Label: Relapse Records
Release Date: August 28, 2012
Genres: metal, grind, death metal
FFO: Cattle Decapitation, Exhumed, Impaled

Murder Construct release their debut album, Results, on Relapse Records. Murder Construct consists of metal and grindcore veterans including Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation), Danny Walker (Exhumed, Intronaut) and Leon Del Muerte (Exhumed, Impaled).

“As you’d expect from a gathering of these particular musicians, Results offers thirty minutes of the most brutal, punishing death metal and grindcore you’ll hear in 2012 — in other words, Murder Construct remain a “supergroup” that’s actually super.” – (full stream available)

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