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Blow The Scene‘s New Music Now takes a look at an super Tuesday grouping of new releases from Converge, The Acacia Strain, Luther, Trash Talk, and Between The Buried and Me, with loads of free music samples and links for purchase and further investigation!

All We Love We Leave Behind

Band: Converge
Album: All We Love We Leave Behind
Record Label: Epitaph, Deathwish Inc
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Genres: punk, metal, hardcore, progressive
FFO: Tragedy, Slayer,

Make no mistake, All We Love We Leave Behind, is a definite contender for album of the year. A do not miss! Check out our brand new interview with Converge drummer Ben Koller.

“Though they’re now in their third decade as a group, Massachusetts metalcore pioneers Converge find themselves as influential as ever. And this eighth studio album sees the four-piece climb the next step of the stairway of relevance.

Still regarded as a genre-definer, it’s 2001’s Jane Doe that perhaps stands as Converge’s seminal collection. But this is a band that’s never released a bad album, and All We Love We Leave Behind furthers this reputation.” – BBC Music

Death is The Only Mortal

Band: The Acacia Strain
Album: Death Is The Only Mortal
Record Label: Rise Records
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Genres: Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore
FFO: The Red Chord, Decapitated,

The Acacia Strain has sharpened and honed its sound to a point where the group is as much a mindset as it is band. The Acacia Strain‘s live shows are cathartic, and its new album “Death is the Only Mortal” flows like a never-ending nightmare. The songs are dark, bloody, and grim, yet once you plug in, there’s no turning back simply because they are so well crafted. In between is bloody mayhem and a quickly mounting body count, with Bennett lording over the misery with a crackling nihilism and misanthropy. But lurking behind the menace is a pain that shows itself in flashes, especially as the record moves along from straight-ahead brutality to more nuanced tunes such as “Victims of the Cave” and “Chamber of Nautilis.” While lots of bands are using a prog attack to find fresh ideas in death metal, The Acacia Strain is getting the job done by simply cutting closer to the core.”- Mass Metal Magazine

Weapon - Embers and Revelations

Band: Weapon
Album: Embers and Revelations
Record Label: Relapse Records
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Genres: Death Metal
FFO: Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse

“While the highly listenable From the Devil’s Tomb was a loose, depraved affair, steeped in the atmosphere and elements of its Canada-based, Bangladesh-born creator’s Eastern upbringing (summed up perfectly in the serpentine “Lefthandpathyoga”), its successor is more of a challenge. It’s leaner, more focused, and utterly relentless, with riffs sharpened by genuine hatred and Satanic conviction. Vetis takes the lead role when it comes to guitars and vocals, but he’s now joined by second guitarist Rom Surtr, whose skill is felt in the complex, engaging structures of the songs. The drumming is inhumanly precise, executed by the Disciple (formerly of influential Canadian black metal experimentalists Rites of Thy Degringolade) and Kha Tumos’ basslines sport a rich, resonating tone that menaces as much as it anchors.” – Pitchfork

Luther - Lets Get You Somewhere Else

Band: Luther
Album: Let’s Get You Somewhere Else
Record Label: Chunksaah Records
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Genres: Rock, Punk rock
FFO: Hot Water Music, Lawrence Arms

“While admittedly still a relatively new band, Luther just dropped their best effort yet with Let’s Get You Somewhere Else. Always a lot cleaner-sounding than their Philadelphia brothers, Luther’s latest adds just a dash of grit but keeps the hooks. In an alternate, better universe, this is how mainstream pop rock should sound. Instead, the world is going to act like it’s not that big of a deal for a band to meld Hot Rod Circuit’s hooks with the Lawrence Arms’ vocals (Chris McCaughan-style, son). Hell, let’s throw in an early Brand New reference just to keep the chatter up.” – punknews

Trash Talk - 119

Band: Trash Talk
Album: 119
Record Label: Odd Future
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Genres: hardcore, punk, punk rock
FFO: Ceremony, Trap Them

“Brevity is very much the key for Trash Talk. The fourteen tracks here clock in at a meagre twenty-three minutes. Any longer, though, and you’d probably feel you were about to spontaneously combust; it’s breathlessly powerful stuff. Hardcore thrash is very much the template: there’s a bludgeoning thrill to be had from the rush of ‘Eat The Cycle’ and ‘F.E.B.N’, and in the rare moments that the pace drops, it retracts to the doom-laden, insanely heavy sludge of late Black Flag, as on ‘Swinging Pieces’.” – this is fake diy

Between the Buried and Me Parallax II - cover

Band: Between The Buried and Me
Album: The Parallax II: Future Sequence
Record Label: Metal Blade Records
Release Date: October 9, 2012
Genres: metal, progressive
FFO: Tool, Dillinger Escape Plan, Dream Theater,

Between the Buried and Me are returning with their sixth and most ambitious album to date, The Parallax II: Future Sequence. A group of five brainiacs that never met a time signature they couldn’t eviscerate have returned with a 72-minute(!) space voyage that feels like a conceptual odyssey (“Can’t you hear me? / An endless journey”) put plays more like a backyard brawl over an iPod — Styx-ian theater one minute, Scandinavian death metal moshpit massacre the next, Bungle circus disaster in between. – Spin

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