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Blow The Scene‘s New Music Now takes a look at an eclectic grouping of new releases from Kylesa, Aeon, Porcupine Tree, Regents, and A Life Once Lost, with loads of free music samples and links for purchase and further investigation!

Kylesa - From The Vaults Vol. 1

Band: Kylesa
Album: From The Vaults, Vol. 1
Record Label: Season Of Mist
Release date: November 20th, 2012
Genres: metal, sludge, rock,
FFO: Baroness, ASG, Black Tusk

From The Vaults, Vol. 1, Kylesa’s twelve-song collection which features unreleased, new and alternate versions of songs spanning the Savannah-based band’s catalogue hit streets via Season of Mist today.

“This project has been a labor of love,” explained guitarist/singer/producer Phillip Cope. “We have spent over a year going through old songs, covers, etc. and collected those we felt went well together; remixing and finishing them up. We didn’t want to release something just thrown together so we put a lot of thought and time into it. I am really happy about how this came together. I think it is a good representation of Kylesa’s different styles from early on to present day.”

Aeon - Aeons Black

Band: Aeon
Album: Aeons Black
Record Label: Metal Blade Records
Release date: November 20th, 2012
Genres: death metal
FFO: Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus

Sweden’s Aeon are back and ready to release their fourth full-length album, Aeons Black, on Metal Blade Records. Regarded as one of the world’s most noted blasphemous underground death metal bands, Aeons Black is the follow up to 2010’s Path of Fire, which called ”a juicy slab of prime-cut blasphemous death metal” and according to, ”doesn’t let up in terms of insanely fast tempos, chugging guitars, and demonic vocals,” calling the band ”a musical dynamo” and landing the album an 8 out of 10 score.

“In a world of infinite musical permutations, crossbreeding, and experimentation, it’s sometimes refreshing to stumble on a group happy to focus on the fundamental ingredients of a universally beloved (and reviled, sure) musical genre such as death metal.” –

Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted

Band: Porcupine Tree
Album: Octane Twisted (Double Live Album)
Record Label: Kscope Music
Release date: November 20th, 2012
Genres: Progressive rock, psychedelic rock,
FFO: Pink Floyd, Storm Corrosion,

The past year has been a busy period for the various members of Porcupine Tree. Steven Wilson is currently gathering rave reviews for his solo records and accompanying tours and also embarked on a rare tour with No-Man, Richard Barbieri has released an acclaimed album with Steve Hogarth from Marillion, Gavin Harrison has continued is successful partnership with 05Ric and Colin Edwin has being working on a solo record along with a new album from his Metallic Taste of Blood project.

Despite all this activity, fans of the band have still been clamouring for a new Porcupine Treerelease. This wait ends today in North America with the release of Octane Twisted¸ a double disc live set recorded during the tour that supported the band’s most recent album, The Incident. The album went top 30 in both the UK and USA, and the world tour climaxed with sold out shows at Royal Albert Hall in London and Radio City Music Hall in New York.

“Octane Twisted” focuses in on the atmospheric, progressive side of Porcupine Tree, and in this respect, the recording is sublime. I’m not sure that this could compare to the near-perfection the band achieved in studio, but for the sake alone that it gives a slightly new light to “The Incident”, it’s worth a listen. It’s a solid live album, and though Porcupine Tree will always be best heard in their studio form, “Octane Twisted” goes to show how meticulous they are as a live performing act.” –

Nidingr - Greatest of Deceivers

Band: Nidingr
Album: Greatest Of Deceivers
Record Label: Indie Recordings
Release date: November 20th, 2012
Genres: black metal
FFO: Mayhem, Gorgoroth, 1349

Recent Indie Recordings signees, Nidingr, will unleash their new full-length, Greatest Of Deceivers, in North America today. Starring present and past members of bands such as Mayhem, Gorgoroth, DHG (Dødheimsgard), 1349 and God Seed, among others, the Norwegian black metal magicians are known for their efficiently complex songwriting, ravagingly dissonant, yet infinitely catchy riffs and breakneck tempos.

“More like Thorns, Ved Buens Ende, or Ihsahn’s latest noisemaker, Greatest of Deceivers is black metal from another angle. You won’t find grand symphonies about dark castles in deep forests. Nope, this is raw, urbanly dissonant black.” – Decibel Magazine

Regents - Antietam After Party

Band: Regents
Album: Antietam After Party
Record Label: Lovitt Records
Release date: November 20th, 2012
Genres: punk rock, post hardcore
FFO: Thursday, Men’s Recovery Project, Jawbox

Regents is a four-piece compiled of DC hardcore/punk vets that include former members of Frodus, Thursday, Battery, Sleepytime Trio, Maximillian Colby, Combat Wounded Veteran and Men’s Recovery Project. Adding onto the band’s already impressive credentials is the legendary J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines), who produced and played bass this debut album for Lovitt Records, Antietam After Party .

“”Featuring disjointed rhythms, politically-minded lyrics and an overall chaotic attack, fans of ’90s post-hardcore will go absolutely cuckoo for this stuff.”” – Noisecreep

A Life Once Lost - Ecstatic Trance

Band: A Life Once Lost
Album: Ecstatic Trance
Record Label: Season Of Mist
Release date: November 16th, 2012
Genres: groove metal, metal
FFO: Meshuggah, High On Fire

With their sixth album Ecstatic Trance, A Life Once Lost are attempting to step out of the metalcore corner they have been painted into. Ecstatic Trance thrills with a sinister coldness founded on huge, jagged riffs and churning, syncopated rhythms, which are contrasted by emotive guitar playing, explosive vocals and capturing melodies.

“A Life Once Lost’s first album in five years is more of the same rhythmic groove metal fans have come to expect from the band, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Ecstatic Trance thrives in its simplicity, bobbing along from stellar opener “Something Awful” with a meticulous pace that continues throughout, even with its nuances.” Exclaim!

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