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Blow The Scene‘s New Music Now takes a look at a grouping of new releases from Mutoid Man, Meth Quarry, Touche Amore, Cemetery Piss, Bastard Noise, and Brutal Truth with loads of free music samples and links for purchase and more!

Mutoid Man Helium Head

Band: Mutoid Man
Album: Helium Head
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Label/s: Magic Bullet Records
Genres: rock, progressive
Available: Nov 29
FFO: Cave In, Converge, The Bronx, East Of The Wall

Mutoid Man is the brand new venture formed and carried out by two longtime friends, Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Ben Koller of Converge.

The PRP commented on the album saying “Simply put, this is a tenacious unapologetic ripper of a record. The six tracks and lone cover included here are an adrenalized collection of Cave In‘s careening prog heft coupled with Converge‘s relentless drive. With no song crossing the three minute mark, nearly all tracks double as shots of aural adrenaline delivered right through the sternum.”


Band: Meth Quarry
Album: Irreverence
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Label/s: Self-released
Genres: metal, sludge, hardcore
Available: Now
FFO: Integrity, Harm’s Way

With a propensity for dark hardcore punctuated with elements of metal and sludge, this Pittsburgh-based band has been making waves throughout their hometown and surrounding regions. Featuring veteran musicians who pack an emotional live show, the band breaks off a potent concoction that fans of Integrity and Harm’s Way should find immediately appealing. Irreverence was recorded by Chris Ruane (Fist Fist in the Parking Lot), mixed by John Dziuban (Sistered), and mastered by Zach Moore (Hero Destroyed/Invader). Art and design for the album was handled by multi-talented guitarist Chris Smith of Grey Aria Design Studio. Regional performances have seen the band share the stage with the likes of Code Orange Kids, Heartless, Cop Problem, a recent feature at Sincerity Fest with more shows and recordings announced. Another band to keep an eye on it 2013.

Touche Amore Is Survived By

Band: Touche Amore
Album: Is Survived By..
Hometown: Los Angeles
Label/s: Deathwish Inc
Genres: melodic hardcore, screamo
Available: Now
FFO: Page 99, United Nations

AVClub said of the band’s latest, “Over the course of Is Survived By’s 12 tracks, the band pushes itself to embrace the subtleties in its sound that were only hinted at previously. Song lengths expand—as do instrumental sections as the band draws from a deeper well of musical influences—allowing the group’s verbose and concise tendencies to play off one another. Though Bolm’s vocals could be considered one-note, it’s a trait that reaches across the genre, and the subtle ways that he’s learned to manipulate his voice make it incredibly striking. It’s the frailty he imbues to these songs, notably on the emo-inspired “Non Fiction,” that makes his contribution so necessary.”


Band: Cemetery Piss
Album: Such the Vultures Love 7″
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Label/s: Cricket Cemetery
Genres: black metal, distort
Available: Now
FFO: Pest, Hellbastard

Baltimore’s Cemetery Piss have just unleashed a scorcher of an EP, overflowing with distorted, evil black metal not for the faint of heart. Such the Vultures Love was recorded/mixed by Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Old Lines) at Developing Nations and Mastered by James Plotkin. A limited 300 pressing is currently being offered by the Cricket Cemetery label. CvltNation spoke on the band saying “1. Imagine if you put a 100 filthy porto toilets together + They were filled with a 100 gallons of bloody demon piss + A 100 pounds of zombie shit = 1/4 of what you are going to find in CEMETERY PISS..”

bastard noise brutal truth split

Bands: Bastard Noise / Brutal Truth
Album: The Axiom of Post Inhumanity Split
Label/s: Relapse Records
Genres: noise
Available: Now
FFO: Amps for Christ, Agoraphobic Nosebleed

“Working with BASTARD NOISE has been an honor! Together we have created The Axiom of Post Inhumanity with the specific purpose of frying your brain, so please listen LOUD!!” – Brutal Truth Drummer Rich Hoek.

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