Owen Hart Release Earth Control On Vitriol Records

Earth Control Album Cover Art by Owen Hart on Vitriol Records
Earth Control
Owen Hart
Vitriol Records
Release Date: January 18, 2011
FFO: Converge, Regurgitate, Napalm Death, Phobia

We were first introduced to Owen Hart as we received Scott Hull‘s This Comp Kills Fascist vol 2 from Relapse last June, and we called it then; Owen Hart is here to shred your face off.

With yesterday’s release of Earth Control on Vitriol Records, the rest of extreme metal world has caught up. So much so, we don’t even need to do a formal write-up of this gem. BrooklynVegan, Popmatters, MetalSucks, JunkyardGod, Lukephysioc, MetalInjection, pretty much sum it up.

For fans of metal, dbeat, punk, grindcore, and even hardcore, Earth Control will likely be a common top pick of 2011.

Time to pack up the van and hit the road boys, your new following awaits.

Owen Hart – Methlahem by brooklynvegan

1) Nameless, 2:16
2) 44 Black, 2:54
3) Poor Straight White Guy, 2:51
4) Welcome to Worthless Piece of Shitville, Population You, 4:23
5) I Hate Myself and I Want to Die, 2:25
6) Bombay Beach, 3:05
7) The Letter, 2:54
8) Fuck Morrissey, Fuck The Smiths, Fuck The Cure, 1:19
9) Methlahem, 3:38
10) The Vertigo of Murry Morgan, 2:03
11) Evolution’s a Fact, Jack, 5:05

Order Earth Control LP by Owen Hart at Vitriol Records

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