Raw Punk: Impalers

the impalers cellar dweller

We can go ahead and add Impalers to the tight but growing list of punk bands currently reinvigorating the American hardcore punk scene as the band’s latest LP and pure scorcher Cellar Dweller, hit streets earlier this month via 540 & Static Shock Records.

Since we first caught wind of this release last week, its been on nearly constant rotation with the rest of The Impalersdiscography that spans back to 2010. Here we clearly have a hardcore punk band that has done the homework and the time. Interesting to note, members also shred in Glue and Power Trip.

Cellar Dweller, much like the vast majority of Impalers’ output, draws from elements across the punk spectrum. The sound tilts heavily towards Discharge-era d-beat with worship all the way through second-wave Japanese hardcore punk, such as Bastard. The overarching output is super pissed with a snarky attitude, bringing to mind the Bay Area’s gnarly but now defunct, Annihilation Time. Fans of Gag, Blood Pressure, Green Beret, Obliterations, Concealed Blade, and their peers, will find a lot to love here.

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