Anti You Two-Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams

Two-Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams Album Cover

Two-Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams
Anti You
Six Weeks Records
Available February 15, 2011
FFO: Direct Control, Government Warning

Pig City Life EPFans of hardcore punk will be treated to a triple threat release by Six Weeks Records February 15th with Anti You‘s 2010 LP, Two-Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams offered in CD and Digital formats for the first time with the rare Pig City Life E.P. and follow-up EP, Johnny Baghdad included in this 28-song collection.

Hailing from Rome, Italy, Anti You take influence from the classic punk rock sounds of Black Flag and Circle Jerks and combine them with nods to next-generation mainstays Direct Control and Government Warning. Throughout this 28-song collection, Anti You stick very firmly to classic-styled punk rock releases of years past. Most tracks hang in at around 1 minute in length with fast-paced, up-beat tempos, gritty distortion, and an overall feel that transcends the energy of the band’s live interpretations. Lyrically, Anti You take aim at corporations, government conspiracies, and police brutality.

Apart from said influences, Anti You work in subtle leitmotifs within their sound that incorporates OI!, Jersey punk rock, and a guitar tone that resembles the surf-rock sounds of the West Coast during the 80s and 90s. Opening tracks, “Lobotomizer Man,” “Absolution,” and “A Sign,” even bring to mind the sounds of Jersey’s now defunct, Bigwig, with catchy choruses and sweeping progressions.

Johnny Baghdad Ep Cover Art Standout track, “Punks Quit” comes in guns blazing with shredding guitar riffs and poignant drumming that makes an intense b-line from floor-tom driven, dbeat-influenced approaches, to the infectious chorus with catch lines “After the curtain has finally dropped, after the end of the righteous show, after delusion, depression and shit. They do what most punks do.. they quit!”

Overall, Two-Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams is the perfect release for those looking for some new listening material to reinvigorate his or her punk rock spirits. Anti You are not reinventing the wheel but have offered a worthy contribution especially for niche listeners turned off by the more recent surge of over-polished, neat and tidy, so-called “hardcore punk” releases.

Six Weeks Records are treating Blow The Scene readers to Exclusive Streaming Song – “Punks Quit”

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Two-Bit Schemes and Cold War Dreams Track list:
1. Lobotomizer Man
2. Absolution
3. A Sign
4. H-Bomb
5. Escape From The City
6. Rewire And Reboot
7. Hook, Line And Synker
8. Punks Quit
9. Cop Out
10. Dead End World
11. Contaminated
12. April Fool’s Decade
13. Operation S.S.
14. Stockholm Pet
15. King Of Nothing
16. No One Like Me

Johnny Baghdad E.P. Track list:

17. Info O.D.
18. Nothing New
19. Fashion Victim Alert
20. Johnny Baghdad

Pig City Life E.P. Track list:

21. Pig City
22. Stare at the Wall
23. I’d Rather Be Crucified
24. Ball Out
25. Problem Child
26. Control
27. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing

28. I’m Not a Loser – Bonus Track!


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