Review: Puerto Rico Flowers – 4

Puerto Rico Flowers Album Art

Puerto Rico Flowers
Fan Death Records

John Sharkey III has distanced himself from his more aggressive former bands (Clockclean Er, Nine Shocks Terror) to produce an addictive debut ep titled 4 from his newest solo project Puerto Rico Flowers. Released on Fan Death Records in January 2010, 4 offers a deliberately minimalist; dark repetitive dark wave record that lends it’s self to be listened to over and over. In fact, when I first purchased 4, my room mate had to ask me to “lay off the Puerto Rico Flowers record” when I played it back to back a week straight.

Puerto Rico Flowers is bass driven, synth supported crack. Although 4 draws heavily on dark wave sensibilities, it is utterly unique and does not sound quite like anything you have heard before. I have already pre-ordered their upcoming seven inch, 2 and will probably pre-order the promised full length that has been promised to be released within the year. If 4 goes unchallenged, it may prove to be my most heavily rotated record of 2010.

If you fell for Blank Dogs, Cold Cave or Crystal Stilts, Puerto Rico Flowers will not disappoint you.

Words by Jane Chardiet.

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