Spawn of Possession – Incurso Review

Spawn of Possession - Incurso

Band: Spawn of Possession
Album: Incurso

Label: Relapse Records
Available: March 13, 2012
Home Base: Linköping, Kalmar, Malmö, Drammen, Sweden, Norway, Germany
Genre: Death Metal, Tech Metal
Standout Tracks: Bodiless Sleeper, The Evangelist
FFO: Necrophagist, Obscura, Caphalic Carnage, Decapitated

If insanely technical and complex death metal gets your whistle wet, then consider Spawn of Possession’s latest full-length offering, Incurso, your own personal tsunami.

Featuring members of renowned death metal acts Necrophagist and Obscura, this super-group of technical metal musicians is out to raise the bar, and raise the bar they have. The songs are written with such complexity that each is deserving of its own archeological record, but let it suffice to say, that if you’ve been unimpressed with this year’s offering in the technical and death metal arena, Incurso will get your blood pumping.

Incurso has it all, mind-numbing riffs, insanely fast drumming, stop-on-dime timings and signature changes, varying levels of guttural vocal attacks, dense bass work that exceeds most professional players’ soloing capability, all intertwined as the standard in this epic LP. There is no ebb to this flow, they just keep it moving for nine of the best tracks death metal has seen in 2012. Hats off gentlemen.

“Where Angels Go Demons Follow”
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For more info, check out Spawn of Possession’s Official Facebook.

Review by Joshua T. Cohen

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