The Disco Biscuits – Tower Theater – Philadelphia – 12.30.2010

The Disco Biscuits Complete 12.30.2010 Set List

Set 1: Hot Air Balloon > Gangster > The Safety Dance > Hot Air Balloon, Mr. Don

Set 2: Save The Robots, Air Song, Basis For A Day > Pygmy Twylyte > Basis For A Day

Encore: Spacebirdmatingcall

On December 26th, a statement was made by The Disco Biscuits entitled, “12/26/2010 | New Year’s Run Update Part 2.

New Year’s Update:

“We want to first thank everyone for their over the top support this week during a difficult time for the band. The first two nights at Terminal 5 have been so much fun musically, and none of it would have been possible without our fans’ unwavering support. Special thanks to Greenie, Deitch, and Darren for kicking major ass behind the kit these first two nights.

We are sad and sorry to report that Allen will not be able to perform with the band on December 30th and 31st at the Tower in Philly. When we first made the announcement earlier in the week, Allen’s prognosis was for a quick recovery and for him to be released from the hospital yesterday. As of this morning, Allen’s doctors have not cleared him to travel or perform. Please send your best wishes, as he is currently in the ICU. Allen’s health is of paramount importance, and we cannot do anything that would jeopardize his full recovery.

In his place, we will be bringing two amazing drummers with us to the Tower. The first is the doctor himself, Sam Altman. Sammy graciously changed his own New Year’s plans to fill the void. The second is Johnny Rabb, our friend and drummer from BioDiesel. Allen is beyond disappointed that he will not be able to play on two of the most important shows of the year, but was instrumental in helping connect us with Johnny Rabb.

We are going the extra mile to make sure that we are ready musically to deliver 3 more kick ass shows and ring in 2011 on a high note. See you tonight!”

The Disco Biscuits

Each and every Bisco fan’s heart was noticeably, if not verbally, out to Allen Aucoin at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA last night. Having a stand-in drummer would normally be a precarious situation for an epic Jam Band, unless of course you are The Disco Biscuits and have Sammy “The Doctor” Altman splitting snare time with BioDiesel’s Johnny Rabb. Then of course you simply have a sick show all over again.

The Disco Biscuits rocked the packed Tower Theater and delivered a breathtaking Laser Light show to an appreciative, raging audience as always. If you haven’t seen the new Laser Rig The Disco Biscuits are touring with, please do yourself a favor and buy tickets.

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