Thee Oh Sees: Warm Slime

Thee Oh Sees new record Warm Slime out on In the Red Records

I feel like In the Red Records have some weird magical musical crack that makes me like things that they release that I would never think I would like if you tried to describe it to me.

Maybe if you play In the Red records backwards it is like a Kiss album and it convinces people to like pop music again. In any case, I seriously tried to hate Thee Oh Sees (hate their name, hate everything everyone told me about them) but their newest release Warm Slime has not left my record player for two days AND the record inspired me to clean my room somehow, which doesn’t make any sense and may be a certified miracle. Does that make Thee Oh Sees saints?

If you like simple surf inspired stuff on the verge of weird kinda in the vain of the Dum Dum Girls and all those bands that sound like them… You’re going to piss yourself when you hear this album.

I assumed that Thee Oh Sees sounded like that girl from Laguna Beach talking or a dolphin farting glitter on some dude rollerblading around Venice beach, but apparently I was wrong. Sorry guys (+ lady).

So side A is one long song that I am not really that into, but side B is a non stop guilty pleasure. I like pseudo surfey music, I like being happy, I like summer and I liked Landed so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and say this band is okay.

Thee Oh Sees have Of- the -moment anthems that will not stand the test of time that is winter but- it’s summer 2010 and that’s the way I like it, baby. Warm Slime, you’re okay.

I am sure BTS editor Josh Cohen will agree- my newly cleaned room (which doubles as our laundry room) insures he is no longer in immediate danger of slipping on a basement scented national geographic or novelty water bottle… At least for now.

Thee Oh Sees Live:

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