Review: This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2

The second installment in the Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) curated series of compilations, This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 collects the very best from today’s sprawling underground grindcore, hardcore and punk scenes as it hits store shelves today.

I am giving this comp two enthusiastic thumbs up. If you’re into grind and powerviolence, this comp is a 74-track wet dream. Apart from the fact that this comp features new and exclusive material from legends like Despise You, Lack of Interest, Crom, and Apartment 213 as well as material from Noisear, Owen Hart, Extortion; it covers a wide range of not only playing styles, but or recording methods as well.

As the comp kicks in, prepare to get your face peeled back by the uber-produced recording quality of Lack of Interest, Owen Hart, and Noisear, only to get slammed with the grittier, raw tracks of Hummingbird of Death that follow. The diversity among recording styles helps this comp keep a fresh feel throughout. With 74 tracks, had all the bands used similar recording processes this comp would be stale and way too long. The wide range of sound is definitely a bonus that keeps the comp feeling fresh as one progresses through the track listings.

Owen Hart band LiveThere is truly not a weak link in This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2,as each featured artists brings something fresh and exciting to the table.

Rather than trying to give an overview of every band on the comp, I am going to focus on a few tracks and bands I found to be standouts.

Tracks 8 & 9 by Owen Hart are my personal favs on the comp. The precision and sheer sonic assault of the hilariously titled “My Grandma’s Fucking A Tranny From Alaska,” is definitely an early eye-opener. The song progresses through several blistering grind riffs before blowing the roof off with some pummeling, down-tuned,d-beat action that will have you tossing your apartment furniture around like a gorilla. Owen Hart’s other feature track 9, “You’ll See 8-Year-Olds in Hell,” is nothing to sneeze at either. The track seamlessly fuses elements of metal and grind with crushing d-beat riffs that sound beyond monstrous. Kudos boys. You can check out more on Owen Hart at their Official Myspace.

Track 25 by Drugs of Faith entitled “Loss of Credibility” is another do not miss. Recording quality has a more natural feel on this track which lends itself nicely to the minor-chord, d-beat riffs that infuse subtle melody with sheer brutality. The chord structures are very striking on the Drugs of Faith tracks and take at least a few listens to fully sink in. The vocals have a more traditional punk feel with a mid-to-high-end vocal range that compliments the music and production perfectly. For more on Drugs of Faith, check out their Official Website.

Track 40 and 41 by Population Reduction entitled “Real Zombies Don’t Run” and “Time Hecklers” respectively, will distract you from tearing up your living-room-mosh-pit long enough to absorb the incredibly thick guitar assault, keeping the shred gods happy. Vocals delve into the lower-end of the spectrum, featuring mostly guttural attacks that you’ll feel in the cockles of your cockles…Great choice Scotty! Check out more on Population Reduction at their official Myspace.

Idiots Parade bandAnd as much as I would love to feature every band on this comp, I know our A.D.D. infested metal friends aren’t going to sit through a thesis, so I will end with track 48 by Slovakia’s female-fronted Idiots Parade entitled “Deadly Request.” Can’t say enough good things about this track or any of the Idiots Parade tracks featured on this comp. The vocals are high-end abrasiveness with tasty distortion that is absolutely pulverizing. Where some bands would tend to go off the deep end with vocal distortion, Idiots Parade use just enough to create an adrenaline rush of metal goodness. The drums, guitars, and bass all keep up a smoking pace with grind, metal, and power violence riffs perfectly orchestrated for maximum intensity. Do yourself a favor and check out more of Idiots Parade. at their Official Myspace.

Buy This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 at Relapse Records.

This Comp Kills Fascists Vol. 2 Full Track List:

1. Lack Of Interest – You’re On Your Own
2. Lack Of Interest – Capital Inflation
3. Lack Of Interest – Endless Suffering
4. Lack Of Interest – There Is No Tomorrow
5. Lack Of Interest – Last Resort
6. Lack Of Interest – Fail Me Not
7. Lack Of Interest – Fluids
8. Owen Hart – My Grandma’s Fucking A Tranny From Alaska
9. Owen Hart – You’ll See 8 Year Olds In Hell
10. Noisear – Atrophy Of The Mind
11. Noisear – Carbonized
12. Noisear – Recycled Existence
13. Noisear – Seared
14. Hummingbird Of Death – You Are Not Going To Heaven
15. Hummingbird Of Death – The Terrorists Win
16. Hummingbird Of Death – Definitely
17. Hummingbird Of Death – Dead For No Reason
18. Hummingbird Of Death – Don’t Believe The Hype
19. Hummingbird Of Death – Get A Brain! Morons
20. Hummingbird Of Death – White Decline
21. Hummingbird Of Death – New Friend
22. Hummingbird Of Death – Land Of The Shrill
23. Hummingbird Of Death – Anti-Choice
24. Drugs Of Faith – An Ode To Those Unwed
25. Drugs Of Faith – Loss Of Credibility
26. Marion Barry – Nuclear Bio-Chimp Assault
27. Marion Barry – Timelords
28. Marion Barry – Where Would Jesus Bank
29. Marion Barry – Fat Dracula
30. Marion Barry – Brainfuck
31. Crom – Hags
32. Apartment 213 – Standoff
33. Apartment 213 – Sadist
34. Apartment 213 – Hollow Cost
35. Septic Surge – Fleshwound
36. Septic Surge – Budmonster
37. Septic Surge – Perculator
38. Septic Surge – Rezinheaven
39. Septic Surge – Facesovmeth
40. Population Reduction – Real Zombies Don’t Run
41. Population Reduction – Time Hecklers
42. Despise You – Repeat Until You Fail
43. Despise You – All The Regimes You Hold Most Dear

44. Triac – Pledge Of Vice
45. Triac – Seed Sower
46. Triac – The Reaping
47. Idiots Parade – Sin
48. Idiots Parade – Deadly Request
49. Idiots Parade – Birth Cleanliness
50. Idiots Parade – Love
51. Idiots Parade – Bellyful
52. Extortion – Enough Rope
53. Extortion – Bludgeon
54. Extortion – Incinerate
55. Extortion – Guillotine
56. Extortion – The Chair
57. Extortion – Put To Sleep
58. Three Faces Of Eye – Fuck Corporate Grind
59. Three Faces Of Eye – Taxsmasher
60. Three Faces Of Eye – The Apocalypse Of Reason
61. Three Faces Of Eye – Good Night And God Bless
62. Voetsek – Mind Of Ganja
63. Voetsek – Back To The Bay
64. Voetsek – Lonely Death
65. Voetsek – Untitled
66. Superbad – “Isaac No Fuck, Isaac Make Love”
67. Superbad – Pretty Much Always Some Of The Time
68. Superbad – “Dr. Kynes (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Atreides)”
69. Strong Intention – Carnivore
70. Strong Intention – Holes In The Wall
71. Strong Intention – Messiah
72. Strong Intention – Without Conscience
73. Social Infestation – Some People Push Back
74. Social Infestation – Dirty Harry Syndrome

Owen Hart Image Courtesy of Owen Hart and Josh Broome
Idiots Parade Image Courtesy of Idiots Parade

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