This Is Hardcore 2017

This Is Hardcore 2017 Saturday Candids

Day 3 is still underway as This Is Hardcore Fest serves as the epicenter of the hardcore world seeing thousands converge on Philadelphia’s iconic Electric Factory venue grounds through Sunday night. Earth Crisis, Jesus Piece, Malice In The Palace, and more all had incredible sets today with Code Orange, Disembodied, Buried Alive, and All Out War still to hit the stage. will be on site all weekend capturing the events as they unfold with Anne Spina‘s shots from the stage mixed with collections of candid crowd shots. This Is Hardcore is donating $1 of every ticket sold to Planned Parenthood, which we think is rad! You can always find a direct link to the PP action fund on our website sidebar!

Our third candid gallery is a collection of shots as doors opened at The Electric Factory venue for day 3. Much more to come this evening and throughout the weekend. Stay tuned.

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