Alcest, Deafheaven, Lonesummer Photo Gallery

DeafheavenIt makes sense that Alcest and Deafheaven would find each other to tour the US, both infusing elements of modern black metal and shoegaze into intriguing amalgamations of sound that have been exciting fans and critics for years. The finely crafted show-space of Philly’s North Star venue served as a fitting backdrop for both bands who deliver a delicately balanced attack that infuses abrasiveness with beauty within dense musical frameworks that engulf would-be listeners.

France’s Alcest is currently supporting the 2012 release of their third studio album Les Voyages de l’Âme (The Journeys of the Soul) on Prophecy Productions, which received a warm critical reception and saw the band continue to hone their patented song craftsmanship that often incorporates the use of of tension building, as the songs progress into huge climaxes where the sonic output reaches a compelling zenith of intensity. Les Voyages de l’Âme sets forth a more melodic and palatable presentation that sees the band progressing musically while also toning down the abrasive black metal elements of past efforts. Some fans were hoping to see the band continue forging new and abrasive material, while others are happy to see the band focusing on structures that lean heavily towards the shoe-gazing end of the spectrum.

Deafheaven are no strangers to Blow The Scene and for good reason- The band offers a unique take on modern black metal that also incorporates the use of tension building techniques that also grow into monstrous segments of piercing intensity with dense melodic guitar-work and thick, often blast-beat induced drumming that is both emotional and jarring. The band’s debut studio album, Roads to Judah on Deathwish Inc., made numerous year-end top lists from some of the world’s most respected music outlets. You won’t find heavy mosh or stage-diving at a concert of this elk, but rather, an enthusiastic following of fans who are deeply tuned in and ready to absorb these compelling song structures. Local openers Lonesummer, proved to be a fitting opener and set an intense evening of music into motion.

We know you are here for the pictures so without further ado..

All pictures by Dante Torrieri of Useless Rebel Imaging.
Words by Joshua T. Cohen






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