I’m Always Right (Sided) 3rd Ed. – Product Placement

I’m Always Right (sided): Third Edition – Product Placement
by Joe Baker (Pittsburgh Based Tattoo and Visual Artist of Artisan Tattoo)

Joe Baker's Home StudioYou’re only as good as the company you keep. Surround yourself with books and you’ll most likely do well in school. Surround yourself with whores and you’ll most likely get herpes. The “company” you keep could be friends, movies, music, hang out spots, etc. So if you hang out under a bridge with a bunch of junkies there’s a good chance your company ain’t that good. Many people can feed off the energy of their surroundings that’s why the saying “product of their environment” rings true. Creating an environment that becomes an incubator of creativity is challenging but with time & effort it evolves into a safe haven of artistic revelations.

We keep our art studio’s creative energy flowing by collecting all things that stimulate the right side of our brains. I can’t leave an art show without at least 5 paintings or pass up a Polynesian mask in the clearance section at Marshall’s. Not to mention we have more skulls than the fucking catacombs of Rome and a friend named Hugo, which is a 6-foot skeleton; he scares the inspiration right into you. Filling our atmosphere with masterpieces from various artists helps us expand our own artistic endeavors. After we filled every square inch of wall space with talent accelerators we move on to our version of a library. It provides a plethora of motivation from Vintage Pin-Ups to Diseases of Human Civilization with a multitude of tattoo reference books & nature books in between. Don’t forget the stimulating footage on DVD (that’s not porn) that I have to get the gears moving in even my most unproductive times. Our haven is a dynamic space fitted for maximum creative output. It is always changing and evolving; it’s a side effect of our adventures in life.

To supplement our imaginative studio environment we seek other demiurges to add fuel to our fire. Spending a night at one of my friends many art shows or an afternoon with those that are inspired enough to undergo the intense process of tattoo laser removal just to further their collection makes me so hard for art it hurts. Every time I leave a meeting of creative minds I find myself sprinting to my studio to grab a hold of a brush or some medium to let my artistic juices flow. Truth is with all the different forms of inspiration nothing compares to spending time around those who feed on the same passion and energy.

When you find yourself in a situation that gets the right side of your brain’s neurons firing on all levels become a sponge, absorb everything that makes you feel that little flutter in your soul. Take that stored inspirational energy and put it to good use. Create an environment that you want to be a product of.

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